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Wahoo CreekAfter a big summer as one of the area's most active country acts groups, the Wahoo Creek Band recently put out a six-track album called "It's About Time." Released in Early September, the album features a mix of live recordings the group and as well as a couple studio tracks.

Of the studio songs, the laid-back "Baby Baby Baby" stands out for it's peppy bassline and sax-driven melody, while "No Place To Hide" is a more traditional Country effort. Travelin' tune "Southern Bound" headlines the live recordings with its strong Southern soul and is followed closely by the Allman-influenced "I'm Gone" put together by the band's Georgia-native frontman Tim Thompson and his band.
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Woo-Hoo For Wahoo

By Paul Grimshaw - For Weekly Surge

From the steel mill to nursing school, Tim Thompson of the Wahoo Creek Band is finding ways to make a living and follow his passion for music, too. His four-piece act of multi-instrumentalists will play Scotty's Beach Bar in Surfside Beach starting at 9 p.m. Friday, and Castaway's Bar & Grill in Georgetown at 9 p.m. Saturday. Tim ThompsonThe band has been together for slightly more than a year, but its origins go back much further.

In a suburb 20 minutes south of Atlanta, in the town of Newnan, Ga., Thompson's boyhood home (which, incidentally calls country superstar Alan Jackson one of its own) sits on the Wahoo Creek. "I played there every day as a kid," he said. The roots of the band's musical choices, and Thompson's original material, can be traced to his southern heritage, though the mostly-cover band transcends the typical country/Southern template to include covers from the likes of Jason Mraz and Green Day, among other contemporary popsters. "We built our set list from requests," said Thompson. "Every time someone would come up and ask to hear a song, if we didn't know it, one of us would write it down, and we'd learn it the next week." The band has been playing steadily every weekend for many months - its schedule is growing with name recognition - but it would have never happened if the steel mill in Georgetown hadn't closed.

"I worked at the mill," said Thompson, "and when they shut down, a lot of guys started doing A/C work or working on cars, stuff like that. I decided to go back to school. I just finished my first year of nursing school." Thompson attends Horry-Georgetown Technical College and estimates he has another two years ahead of him before obtaining his degree. It was during this life transition that Thompson assembled the pieces of what would become the Wahoo Creek Band.

After the mill shut down Thompson had some time on his hands and decided to record some of his original material, and that's when he met Phillip Trammel [guitar, bass, mandolin], who owned a small sound and recording company. "I went in [to his studio] and we hit it off," said Thompson. "Our playing styles were similar, we're the same age, and we started with the two of us doing an acoustic act, but then we added a drummer, Larry [Bullock], and Dan Junk [guitar, bass, mandolin, horns] and we built the band."

The band's set list includes Toby Keith's "I Love this Bar," The Rolling Stone's "Paint it Black," and hits from contemporary pop/rock acts. "You can hear all these different styles in the same set," said Thompson. "We've got saxophone, mandolin, two guitars, and real flute for the Marshall Tucker tunes. Between Phillip, Dan and me, we play a lot of instruments."

In mid-June Wahoo Creek hopes to have a Southern rock-influenced CD of its original tunes ready for public consumption. "We're not trying to be rock stars and get record deals. We're happy to just play around here," says Thompson.

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Streaming sounds | 10 bike rally bands worth checking out

I've never ridden a Harley. I don't drink my whiskey straight. I've never been in a burnout pit or donned a leather jacket and chaps.

I do, however, know all the words to the Bocephus classic "Family Tradition." I have seen Travis Tritt in concert multiple times. And I will be there when David Allan Coe hits the Boathouse stage in a few weeks.

I guess what I'm saying is that you don't have to be a biker to get caught up in the rebel spirit of the music synonymous with the Cruisin' the Coast spring rally.

As the rally ramps up this weekend, there are plenty of great tunes anyone can enjoy - acts ranging from acoustic country to hard rock - happening right alongside the rally's more raucous events such as the topless bike wash, Hotties on Bulls and Extreme Midget Wrestling.

But whether you're a hardcore biker or just someone looking to let loose and enjoy the liberating feeling jamming out with a no-nonsense crowd that couldn't care less what you're doing, there's sure to be something for you. Here's a look at 10 acts worth checking out this weekend...

Wahoo Creek Band

This four-man acoustic outfit specializes more in sweet Southern songs and country/bluegrass melodies than full bore rock 'n' roll. Still, this hardworking group of musicians - who have become regular players at O'Keefe's - throw in enough well-known covers and rock edge to keep the crowds coming back.

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The Wahoo Creek Band — named after a stream behind frontman Tim Thompson’s former home in Atlanta — got started when Thompson went to guitarist Phillip Trammel to help him record some music at Trammel’s home studio in 2008.

Larry BullockFrom there, the pair hit it off and began performing around town as a duo, before fleshing out into a four piece by the end of 2009. The band’s current lineup is rounded out by Dan Junk, a seasoned instrumentalist who has released multiple albums of solo material and Larry Bullock Percussion.

Though the quartet admits to letting country influence their laid-back acoustic style, they stop just short of calling themselves a full-on country band.

“We’re a little bit of everything,” says Thompson. “It’s really just a product of good music that people like to hear.”

According to Thompson, the band’s original setlist was simply built from requests he and Trammel had gotten while playing as a duo. Since then, the band has built up a repertoire of around 200 covers and currently has 12-13 original tracks in the hopper.

“We’ve been recording for 10 months now,” says Thompson. “We’re actually going to record the live stuff [from Friday’s show] which will be all original and we hope to master that and put it out as our original album.”

In addition to the chance to record, the band also relishes Friday’s show as an opportunity to play on the big stage at House of Blues.
“This will be our first time as a band,” said Trammel. “I’m excited. I’ve never even been in there before.”

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